UK: Apply for Post graduate one year funding at Trinity College

05:46 AM 2017

Trinity College offers a range of competitive graduate funds (often referred to as studentships or bursaries) to students wishing to study at the University of Cambridge.

The Trinity Bursaries for Students from Africa are intended for students from any African country who wish to take a taught post-graduate course at the University of Cambridge, leading to the MASt, the MPhil or the LLM degree. Bursars who wish to stay on to do research for the Ph.D. degree may compete, towards the end of their year here, for a Trinity Internal Graduate Studentship.


Graduate Course Fees
Maintenance allowance (at the minimum rate set by the University)
A return ticket from the country of origin to the United Kingdom.
The Bursaries are awarded for up to one year and are not renewable. Up to two Bursaries may be awarded.
An award will be conditional upon the applicant being accepted by the University’s Graduate Admissions Office for a course in the University. Successful applicant(s) must become a member(s) of Trinity College on taking up the Bursary.


Hold a First Class Honours Degree or its equivalent in their country of origin,
Not yet have studied for a substantial period (more than 12 months) outside their home country,
Be citizens of any African country, and
Have applied for admission, or already received an offer of admission, to the University of Cambridge for a post-graduate course leading to the MASt, MPhil or LLM degree.

Eligible Regions: Africa

To apply the fund, CLICK HERE

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