Kigali: Rwanda IT start ups , Apply for funding

03:31 AM 2017

Bank of Kigali Urumuri Initiative

In celebration of Bank of Kigali’s 50th Anniversary and in partnership with Inkomoko Entrepreneur Development, we are supporting business innovations that will grow into industry front runners and drive Rwanda’s growth over the next 50 years. We are looking for ideas or existing businesses pushing technology solutions that can solve Rwanda’s most pressing challenges.

To be considered, your idea or existing enterprise must meet the following criteria:

• Ideas and existing enterprises are welcome to apply
• Ideas, Early Stage Businesses, and Small and Medium Enterprises with annual revenues less than 200 Million RWF (preferred)
• Your idea or business must integrate technology in its solution
• Solutions must demonstrate financial sustainability and profitability
• Solutions must include a tremendous social or environmental impact

Up to 50 winners will be selected to receive business support services for 7 months at Inkomoko. Bank of Kigali will provide a pool of 60 Million RWF in 0% loans that will be availed to 3 - 8 of the best businesses.

Applications must be submitted in either English or Kinyarwanda to be considered.

The deadline for submitting and editing your application is on 5th April 2017 at 11:59 PM.



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