Kigali: Apply for 10 weeks volunteering positions at Challenges Worldwide ICS Rwanda (All Expenses covered) /

05:36 AM 2017

Challenges Worldwide ICS Rwanda is recruiting young Rwandans for our second cohort of ICS volunteers starting from the end of June up to September. The recruitment process is ongoing .

The current cycle is composed of 8 young Rwandans who get to work together with 8 of their UK counterparts in pairs throughout the entire placement with local businesses. We are looking forward to exceeding that number by 80% with our second cycle.

We are looking for you to demonstrate that you meet the following volunteer dimensions:
1. Positive and Realistic Commitment – A positive and committed approach to volunteering with Challenges Worldwide and that you are aware of the likely realities of the programme.
2. Working with Others – Able to develop working relationships and negotiate with others in seeking solutions.
3. Practical Problem Solving Ability – A positive approach to solving and overcoming problems using available resources and the ability to make decisions where necessary.
4. Flexibility and Adaptability – Able to maintain a balanced approach to change and adapt to new and demanding situations.
5. Sensitivity to the Needs of Others – A sensitive and mature approach when dealing with interpersonal relationships, a diplomatic response to cultural differences and a non-judgemental attitude to different beliefs, behaviours and values.
6. Self-Assurance – Good humoured and comfortable in new situations and able to recognise and express your own needs.
7. Commitment to Learning – Being open and committed to your personal development, learning and discovery and having the humility to share and help others learn.

How does it work?

You will:
• Be part of a team of people, half from Rwanda, half from the UK
• Be paired up with a counterpart from the UK
• Volunteer for 3 months
• Live in a host home
• Work in an Small businesses

What are the benefits?

Becoming a volunteer will give you the opportunity to
Weekly stipend available upon admission

  • Learn more about how other people live – and about yourself
  • • Gain experience and skills which will enhance your employability and entrepreneurship potential
  • • Do work which is of practical value to the Small businesses you are placed in
  • • Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes which will enable you to play a positive role in your own society

Can I take part?

Challenges Worldwide and ICS is committed to including people from diverse backgrounds, in terms of geographical, social and ethnic background, disability and gender.

Duration 10 weeks

Deadline 01 June 2017


• Be between 18-25 years old with an exceptional extension to 27 years for youth with disability
• If you wish to apply for a Team Leader role you must be between the age of 23 and 35 years
• Be a Rwandan national
• Be able to commit yourself to a full-time 10 weeks programme
• Attend and be selected at an assessment day
• Have some experience, skills or aptitude for business and entrepreneurship
• If you have been part of an ICS programme before with another organisation you will only be eligible to apply for a Team Leader role. If you have already served 6 months as a Team Leader with another organisation you will not be eligible to apply.

To apply,click here


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  1. Twizeyimana josé 25 Mata, 02:28

    This is best ideals when peaple do n’t have job get an advice. Facilitate many peaple bcse in that meeting i think they have advice

    Subiza iki gitekerezo
  2. mutabazi phocas 30 Mata, 03:43

    that’s good ideas where most of the people will get opportunities to get new ideas from ICS . we appreciate

    Subiza iki gitekerezo

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