Apply for World Youth Forum 2017

10:46 AM 2017

We the World Youth Forum,, are currently expanding our outreach to as many regions as possible.
For that reason we are looking for Outreach Ambassadors, Social Media Interns, PR enthusiasts, Bloggers and Project Managers from all across the world. If you are a young person, committed to bring about change by crossing the boundaries of cultures and countries, take the chance and apply!
If you think you can help in a different manner, just tell us how exactly you would like to help.
After submitting your CV and motivation, we will get back to selected applicants for an interview.
It is not only about the most convincing CV or experience, but the motivation also plays an essential role in our selection!
We are moving quickly, so apply as soon as possible.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Benefits include:
- Being part of a unique international youth network
- Experiencing the growth of a global movement first-hand
- Working with the most dedicated young change makers of our generation
- A letter of recommendation
- Higher chances of selection for our Fellowship program
- The best interns and ambassadors will receive the opportunity to become part of their national board
* Required

To apply,click here

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  1. mporayonzi isaie 11 Mata 2017, 02:24

    my names are mporayozi isaie am under graduate from university of rwanda school of law am able about social change and to seek solutions to new challenges that hinder our development that is why am looking for a job you can call me on 0784814619 or 0725513315

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