Apply for Goethe music Talents scholarship in Germany

02:35 AM 2017

Are you a young musician, DJ, composer, singer-songwriter, instrumentalist from a developing or transition country, and between 20 – 30 years old?

Do you want to work professionally in the music field, with your own label or booking agency or want to make your music more target-oriented? If you have some early experiences in your field already, Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs will help you to reach the next level.

Deadline: As soon as possible

Date August 23rd and August 24th

What you can expect…

The participation fee, accommodation, travel expenses, hospitality (per diem of 10€) will be covered by Goethe-Institut within the period of August 16th to August 26th 2017. Goethe-Institut will book flights, cover the costs and will help with visa issues. Additionally Musicboard will grant the talents a Festival Ticket plus access to Pop-Kultur’s networking area for professionals, provides for accommodation (breakfast included), health insurance and public transportation.

What we expect…

Every participant should prepare a short input talk (15 min.) in advance about his/her experience in the music field so far and the music scene in his/her respective country.

Advanced English skills are crucial as there is no translation available. You will be tested in advance by the local Goethe-Institut.

You need work experience in a specific music field. We require proof of at least 3 projects.

You have to cover all additional expenses that might occur during your stay.

If you want to apply, You can Book on so that you can be helped to fill the online forms, making video biography at low price.

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