Apply for Changemakerxchange East Africa

03:05 AM 2017

Before you apply please make sure to read the following info carefully - and please do not hesitate to reach out to Ashoka East Africa at us if you have questions or comments.

The summit will take place from Saturday, April 2nd in the late afternoon (with arrivals during the day) until Wednesday, April 5th in the morning (with travels back home during the day) and participants must be able to attend all days (4 nights, 5 days).

Applicants for ChangemakerXchange:

** must be between 18-35 years old
** should lead, co-lead, have initiated, founded or co-founded their own social venture or initiative which is up and running and addresses a relevant social problem within an instution or outside (both changemakers that run initiatives by themselves as well as those that run it within an organization, company, government, the media or elsewhere are invited to apply).
** need to make a positive difference either via their own social venture or within their sector (corporate, media, government etc.)
** Speak English well enough to fully participate in the summit
** should have the skills and know-how to be part of a special community of collaborative social entrepreneurs and be willing to play an active role in this community.
** come from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, DRC, Somalia, Southern Sudan or Rwanda.
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